Paintbrush and Pike


  • I agree, I’d absolutely love an Epic Battles variant of HC! It’d be quite nice though, I think, to do something other than a Roman focus – maybe the Greco-Persian wars or even Peloponnesian?

  • Hi everyone! I’m Ben, from England. I’ve been wargaming for about twenty years; on the historical side, my games of choice are both Saga, and Hail Caesar (6mm primarily). When it comes to historicals I tend to gravitate towards smaller scales, so I’m very excited to sink my teeth into Epic Battles this coming year.

    A lot of my work is up on my…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone!
    I’m Ben, and have been painting historical miniatures for years, but have only recently taken the plunge into putting my models on the internet and getting more involved in the community. I paint mostly Hail Caesar (6mm!) and Saga.

    I’ll try and post regular updates on the Hail Caesar forum here, but in the mean time many of my…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone, I think I’ve suffered the same problem – I tried to post a ‘hello!’ in the Community Introductions and also start a thread in the Hail Caesar section, both of which seem to have vanished into the ether – I guess also because of the hyperlinks? Would it be possible to have them approved?

    Best wishes and thanks.