• Lee started the topic Chaplains in the forum Bolt Action 1 week, 6 days ago

    Hi, wondering with the chaplain choice in BoTB page 55, does the ability modifier come from the chaplains morale or the target units morale?

  • Hi, I’m thinking about making a 1000 point marine corp army (with some options) and was wondering what people suggest for units, I do have a dauntless dive bomber that I’m planning to turn into a air support marker. Should I stick to rifles and BAR’s in the units to keep it simple and make use of the national rule.

  • Lee started the topic Loaders in the forum Bolt Action 1 month ago

    say a unit has 2 lmgs and 2 piats (parachute diversion section : dday book) can I just have 2 loaders to service all 4 weapons obviously only 2 weapons at a time but is it possible?

    or must squad team weapon loaders be nominated to their single respective weapon before the game?

    also can a squad team weapon loader fire his regular weapon other…[Read more]

  • Lee started the topic Setup question in the forum Bolt Action 1 month, 1 week ago

    hi, hopefully an easy one but with setup if a scenario instructs to you to select half your units etc do observers/snipers count towards that total?

    e.g I have 7 normal units and 3 observers/snipers and the scenario instructs that i must keep half my units (rounded down) in reserve, will it be 3 units or 5 in reserve?

  • No worries, thanks for clearing that up, I was reading that line as 2 statements but I can see now what it means

    If a vehicle listed as a transport/tow picks a weapon option  —-    that means the transport loses its transport/towing ability


  • Hi Stuart, my confusion comes from the section on page 153 of main rule book under the “if a vehicle listed as ..”  ? surely this isn’t only referring to a couple of jeeps in old army books as I couldn’t find it on any other transports in several books.

    I went back and looked at the first edition bolt action transport rules and it’s even harsher…[Read more]

  • Hi, just want to make sure I have this right,

    1. if I have say a bren carrier as a transport and give it a pintle mount lmg upgrade it then no longer transports units but can fire both weapons itself and moves into another slot say armoured car?

    2. with the british army can I take gurkha paratroopers from the empire in flames book (which is says…[Read more]

  • Hi, just wondering if a unit in reserve is at “full strength” can you re-roll a failed order test to bring them on with a run or advance?

  • Hi,

    This came up in a game today and was wondering if we did it right,

    1. my flamethrower team advanced into point blank range of the side arc of a sherman tank armour 9, fired and rolled a 6 to hit, then rolled a d6 for the number of hits, rolling a 5, the flamethrower has a pen of +3 and gets +1 pen for hitting the side/top. So I proceeded to…[Read more]

  • Hi, trying to workout how movement is done for a unit with team & fixed e.g a MMG,

    if a run lets you move 12″ as normal and an advance is rotate only (-1 to fire) then how do you move across an obstacle? or through rough ground? or is it not an option?

  • Hi, wondering please with preliminary bombardment, say you have a medium mortar with a spotter do you just roll for the mortar or would you roll a bombardment for both mortar and spotter?

    I’m assuming just once for the mortar but I’m uncertain.

    Do spotters count as small teams? once again I’m assuming yes.

  • Hi, trying to figure out how the hidden setup works, from reading the rule book I can see it working 1 of 2 ways, but I don’t know which it is.


    A – as you place units you check for hidden conditions then place a hidden token next to them, (e.g I could place the first unit on the table out in the open hidden as no enemy is on the table to see…[Read more]

  • Doesn’t seem to matter how many times I read the Setting up observer and snipers information on page 131, I can’t get my head around when to setup these models.

    Do I have this right? –

    Apart from attacker/defender scenarios & if in reserve, spotters/observers & snipers deploy AFTER? all others units have gone down on the table or BEFORE?