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    Hi, wondering with the chaplain choice in BoTB page 55, does the ability modifier come from the chaplains morale or the target units morale?

    Master Chief

    The wording is definitely not clear, but it should be based on the experience of the chaplain. It is similar to the wording for the intelligence officer, but for the latter it was stated in the descriptive on page 25:

    The ability of the Intelligence Officer is, for the purposes of Bolt Action, tied to their experience: the modifier for their ability is detailed below.

    Roll a D6 and apply the following modifiers: Inexperienced -1, Veteran +1. On a 4+, the player activating the Intelligence Officer may choose a die from the bag for the first activation.

    I have previously emailed Warlord to see if they could make it clearer in the next FAQ, let’s see if they do.


    Good news is the Chaplains rules are the same in the DDay, BotB & New Guinea books….

    Bad news is, its exactly the same wording… and they dont like doing FAQ /Errata for the Campaign books 🙁


    Now I seem to remember it being discussed before either here or on one of the facebook groups…

    Master Chief

    @Nat haha yes, and also because to some of the “super smart, know-it-all, war veteran” players, this is so obvious that it does not warrant one, if you know what I mean 😉

    invisible officer

    The intelligence officer is just an upgrade for a normal front officer.  So he is part of the unit anyway and his ability is the unit ones.


    The chaplain is no ordinary company or battalion officer, he is from division. So he can have a different ability. The different cost spent give the ability he has, not the unit ones.


    Ok… it was discussed here on the forums

    long story short… it looks like the chaplians quality dictates the roll required


    edit   – because the link only takes you to the thread and not the post in question its on page 22 #post-155706

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