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    Eric Fontaine

    Have a specific rules question, let’s hear it. Let’s chat about it. And lets get the official ruling. Who will be first?


    Hi I’m Morris,

    Where can I find the rules for the german coelian?


    Flame thrower and fanatics.

    Do they (fanatics) test after being flamed?




    We have a difference of opinion regarding flame throwers and fanatics.

    Can we get some clarification please.

    Do fanatics test morale after being flamed or not?

    Does stubborn troops test on their base morale after being flamed.


    Rudy Joubert

    Gerry Brawley

    For Fanatics I think you will take the pins from the flamer but ignore the test.

    The Stubborn rule says that you ignore the negetive modifier from pin markers only. So if a Para unit lost it’s NCO then it would tale it’s moral tests on a 9 rather than a 10.


    Fanatics lets you ignore tests from losing half of your unit in one volley.
    It makes no reference to flamethrowers and is not a blanket ‘ignore all morale tests’.

    The flamethrower rule says the target unit must always test morale.

    So unless it gets addressed in an FAQ, you must test morale (FT rule) and Fanatics won’t make a difference.

    Gerry Brawley

    Probably needs an FAQ…… I’d be suprised if they run away from the flamer when they fight to the last man ( but might be a way to defeat fanatics 🙂 )


    Flamethrowers are effectively your Anti-Fanatic weapons – they are a popular option for dealing with Veteran Japanese in cover simply because there are no other ways to get rid of them quickly.

    Fanatics only ignores morale checks for being halved – not the checks caused by flamethrowers


    Maybe less a rule question. I been wondering this for a while. In the Armies of Great Britain theatre selection for Monte Cassino, why are inexperience troops the only mandatory option.

    Eric Fontaine

    So many Questions!

    I will do my best!
    @Morris, only one with a wooden turret made pre end 1945, so there wasnt any? It was just so cool one had to be made? but many field it with the Mobelwagon stats.

    @Rudy, 1. yes. You are testing. 2. Stubburn reads ignore all mods from pin markers for morale tests but not leadership tests.

    Gerry Brawley

    @Eric…. Stubborn only ignores pin markers 🙂

    Alexander Ilyn

    Hello friends!
    I`m glad that Forums on-line again 🙂

    I have two questions
    First one about “Fuel Shortages” rule.
    Should tank with this rule roll D6 EACH TIME it moves or only one time after first move?
    In my understanding this rule is very similar to “Early Panther” rule, but does not specify how often you need to make a roll, so our German players insist that they can roll only one time to check fuel shortages.

    Second question about Flamethrower.
    Infantry Flamethrower has Range of 6″. If it shots at target located in 5″, what modifiers should be applied: -1 (for Long range), +1 (for Shooting at point blank range), both?

    Gerry Brawley

    For Flamethowers both long range and pointblank modifiers apply.

    Rex Withers

    Page 67 for flame thrower no -1 for long range

    Alexander Ilyn

    Sorry, but this is about Penetration and damage roll, not about to hit roll

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 498 total)
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