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    This came up in a game today and was wondering if we did it right,

    1. my flamethrower team advanced into point blank range of the side arc of a sherman tank armour 9, fired and rolled a 6 to hit, then rolled a d6 for the number of hits, rolling a 5, the flamethrower has a pen of +3 and gets +1 pen for hitting the side/top. So I proceeded to roll a 1,2,5,6,6 to damage the tank, I’m guessing the 5 becomes a superficial hit and the 2 x 6’s regular rolls on the vehicle damage chart? (if that’s correct then I did destroy the tank but as a bonus to my opponent I ran out of fuel lol)

    2. Can a panic fubar result cause a unit to flee off a table edge? or would it move as far as possible and stop on the very edge?



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    Greg S

    1.  This is correct.  Even if you had not destroyed the tank it would have taken a morale test after D3+1 pins, so you could still remove it from the game.

    2.  Normally you cannot leave the table under any circumstances, so a unit moving due to a FUBAR would move to the table edge and no further (or along the table edge to get away from enemies to the side).



    Flamethrowers get multiple hits vs vehicles?!  Didn’t realise that.

    Stuart Harrison

    P67, Weapons, Weapon Special Rules, Flamethrower, second para – “If you score a hit with a flamethrower the number of hits is multiplied into D6 (or D6+1 in the case of vehicle mounted flamethrowers). Roll for damage as usual.”

    You’ll note there is no mention of target unit type, so this applies to infantry artillery and vehicle targets, and no change/exception is made in the vehicle rules.

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