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    Hi, wondering please with preliminary bombardment, say you have a medium mortar with a spotter do you just roll for the mortar or would you roll a bombardment for both mortar and spotter?

    I’m assuming just once for the mortar but I’m uncertain.

    Do spotters count as small teams? once again I’m assuming yes.

    Master Chief

    Bolt Action 2nd Ed page 71:

    The spotter and the crew are treated entirely separately in other respects – as if they were two units – and the spotter is not taken into account when it comes to determining whether the weapons team or artillery piece is destroyed. Should his associated weapons team or artillery piece be destroyed then the spotter is also removed as a casualty.

    I would say roll for both separately. If the mortar is destroyed, the spotter is also destroyed. But if the spotter is killed, the mortar remains.

    And yes, a spotter counts as a small team.

    Greg S

    Remember that Preliminary Bombardment only affect the deployment zone.  So any spotters outside this are safe (unless their motar gets blown to bits).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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