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    hi, hopefully an easy one but with setup if a scenario instructs to you to select half your units etc do observers/snipers count towards that total?

    e.g I have 7 normal units and 3 observers/snipers and the scenario instructs that i must keep half my units (rounded down) in reserve, will it be 3 units or 5 in reserve?


    you get to choose if units like observers /snipers are part of the reserves or deployed units.

    If deployed units then they can use their deployment rules instead of the normal rules


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    Stuart Harrison

    Observers – Yes as they are independent units.  Same for snipers.

    The only ones that were questionable are spotters (remember spotters and observers are entirely different in Bolt Action, despite real life similarity  – don’t fall into the trap of mixing the terms) as they are “treated as separate units in all other respects, and the rules made no mention of consideration for setup, the default reading was that they are two units.  The FAQ says to treat the spotter and his associated gun/mortar as one unit for this purpose:

    “When playing a scenario where a portion of your forces are deployed prior to the start of the game, and a portion are held back to form either a first wave or in reserve, does the spotter and his associated mortar/artillery team count as 1 or 2 units for the purposes of calculating the aforementioned portion?
    They count as 1 (because they only have 1 dice).”

    Remember if you allocate a unit that has special set-up rules to reserve, they don’t get the benefit of their special set-up.  You need to allocate them to ‘on table’ or first wave.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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