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Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815, Uniforms & History

Unit Profile: The King’s German Legion

Exiles from a huge variety of European nations bolstered the British Army’s ranks during the Napoleonic Wars. This week, we’re looking at the King’s German Legion! In the spring of 1803, Napoleon’s war machine swept across continental Europe, sweeping aside any organised opposition. The Electorate of Hanover surrendered without a fight and its army was…

Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815, Uniforms & History

History: Napoleonic French Column vs British Line

The clashes between British and French forces during the Napoleonic wars saw two rather different approaches go head-to-head – the French attack column vs the British firing line! The French attack column Having suffered many defeats during the 18th Century, some in the French Army had become convinced that the advance to contact or ‘shock’…

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Legends of Hungary: Major Edomer Tassonyi

Born on 6 October 1910 in Nagyláz, Hungary, Edömér Tassonyi joined the Royal Hungarian army in 1938, where he was commissioned as a junior Lieutenant in the newly formed Parachute Assault Regiment. He soon gained recognition from his men and superiors for demonstrating outstanding leadership. By October 1944 Major Tassonyi was the commanding officer of…