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New: Polish Army + Polish 10th Motorized Brigade Forces

The Polish have bolstered their defences against the approaching Blitzkrieg with new units! Polish 10th Motorized Brigade motorcycle combination View in Store The Polish 10th Motorised Cavalry Brigade was called the Black Brigade because of the black leather jackets worn by officers and NCOs. It was the only fully motorised infantry unit available to the…

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The Mighty Welbike – A painting guide

Laurens Vannijvel has set aside his Napoleonics, for now, to bring us a quick history of the “Mighty Welbike” plus a painting guide – bonus! During the Second World War, most of the nations which fielded parachute infantry also turned the minds of their engineers towards motorcycles for said troops. This generally sound idea was…

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New: Poland 1939 the birth of Blitzkrieg

Looking for some inspiration or simply passing the time? Well, these new Osprey books might just be what you need. View in Store Author: Steven J. Zaloga Howard Gerrard Number of Pages: 96 About This Product The German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 began World War II in Europe, pitting the newly modernized…

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Gallery of Awesomeness – Bolt Action

Warlorder JoshB has been on a mission to find some of the awesome miniatures that have recently been seen on the Warlord Forum, Bolt Action and Bolt Action International Facebook pages. This mighty KV-2 came from Bartosz Smogur from the Bolt Action International Facebook page, that weathering is amazing! Sharp example of Camo! By IndigoStickman from the Forum….

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Soldiers in exile – 1st Polish Armoured Division, and Bolt Action army list

“The Polish Soldier Fights for the Freedom of other nations, but dies only for Poland.” (general Stanislaw Maczek) The Escape In the evening of the June 17th 1940 newly appointed Prime Minister of France, Philippe Petain delivered a radio speech in which he declared that he had asked the German Command for a truce. The…

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Warlord Studio Update – 5th May 2016

Studio update time! Steve has now pretty much finished the Skark squad for the Freeborn. As a special treat – see below the first pics of one of the Mhagris atop his fearsome steed. Steve has now moved onto crew for the Freeborn mag mortar. Wojtek has been designing the Isorian Pulse Bikes which will be…