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New: Polish Airborne Forces!

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Having suffered a crushing defeat by Germany, the new Polish Airborne, alongside the Allies, are fully prepared to show the Axis forces why they shouldn’t have messed with Poland.

Polish Airborne Section


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The Polish Airborne Brigade was famously parachuted into the terrible fighting at Arnhem during Operation Market Garden in 1944 in a desperate attempt to hold on the to shrinking British bridgehead. They fought a hard battle but were battered into defeat and submission after an epic defence.


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Polish Airborne HQ


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Ready to lead the newly equipped Polish Airborne, they prepared themselves for the lengthy campaign they’ll need to endure in order to see their homeland again. Although comparatively lightly-armed, Polish Airborne could dish it out and would not hesitate to close to hand-to-hand fighting if needs be, screaming their war cries as they went.


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Polish Airborne flamethrower and sniper teams


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Two teams for two different situations. For the close, gritty combat, no weapon fares better than the flamethrower, ready to turn your opponent to cinders. Whilst the sniper patiently waits upon a hill, finding the enemy NCO or Lieutenant and ready to create havoc among the backline.


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Polish Airborne MMG team


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A .303 Vickers water-cooled machine gun offered fire support to infantry units. This was another weapon of World War I vintage that soldiered on through World War II and beyond, proving extremely effective at laying down continuous fire over range.

With the Polish Airborne being tough ol’ gits, and the Vickers machine gun is just as tough and deadly, this pairing became a match made in heaven, providing extremely effective results.


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Polish Airborne light mortar teams


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After the first World War, most nations learned the valuable lesson of how effective close mortar support is, as a result most infantry sections now have at least one mortar assigned to it. The lightest mortar weighing less than 11lbs, this offered effective results and the ability to easily manoeuvre.


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Polish Airborne medium mortar team


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The classic infantry support weapon. As with most armies of the period, the Poles adopted the 81mm medium mortar.

Capable of laying down a rain of shells in short time, this is the weapon you want to either smother the foe with firepower or to break up any assault on your position.


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Polish Airborne PIAT anti-tank teams


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The PIAT was the British equivalent to the American bazooka. It had the same role as the main hand-held anti-tank weapon amongst infantry formations. The PIAT (Projector Infantry Anti-Tank) was developed from a spigot mortar design and fire a shaped charge missile with an effective range of 100 metres.


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Polish Airborne 6-pdr anti-tank gun


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This particular 6-pdr has a cutdown shield, folding trails, tie down points and other minor mods to enable it to be dropped on the battlefield.

Having the flexibility to deploy a reliable anti-tank weapon really gives the Polish Airborne much needed punch against armoured units.


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Polish Airborne 75mm pack howitzer


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The venerable 75mm Gun was exported to Poland who used it with its old spoked wheels rather than the more modern pneumatic wheels on the French gun.

Lightweight and durable, the 75mm pack howitzer became the go-to weapon for any airborne force within the allies.


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Polish Airborne Polsten Gun


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The Polsten cannon was a development for the Orelikon. It appeared in 1944 and was much lighter and significantly cheaper to produce than the earlier weapon, but its main principle use was by the Navy and Air Force.


Its only significant use by land forces was by airborne troops and by the Royal Marine Commandos, who fielded it during the Normandy campaign. As such the Polish Airborne has acquired quite a number of Polsten cannons to help them take back their homeland.


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Polish Airborne Welbike riders


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Welbikes were small, relatively lightweight motorcycles designed by the British to be used by airborne troops to rapidly relocate after a drop. Given to the Polish airborne, these bikes will provide a tactical advantage to the Polish, one the Germans won’t expect.

Polish Airborne Army


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A perfect starter force, roughly amounting to 500 points this bundle contains:

  • A box of British Airborne, enough plastic components to create 30 Polish Airborne!
  • A blister pack of Polish Airborne HQ, which contains 1 Polish Airborne Lieutenant and 3 extra Riflemen.
  • A blister pack of the Polish Airborne Medium Machine Gun team, which has the Vickers machine gun and 3 crewmen.
  • A blister pack of the Polish Airborne Medium Mortar team, which has a medium mortar and 3 crewmen.
  • A set of drop canisters from Sarissa, which contains 4 canisters

You get the drop canisters for free, your men need the supplies!

Polish Release Bundle


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To make things simple, we made this bundle so you can just add this item and receive all the Polish Airforce releases. This massive bundles contains:

  • 2x Polish Airborne Infantry, which contains 10 Polish Airborne infantrymen each, so totaling at 20 Airborne infantrymen!
  • Polish Airborne HQ which contains 1 Polish Airborne Lieutenant and 3 extra Riflemen.
  • Polish Airborne Medium Machine Gun team, which has the Vickers machine gun and 3 crewmen.
  • Polish Airborne Medium Mortar team, which has a medium mortar and 3 crewmen.
  • Polish Airborne Light Mortar team, which has a light mortar team and 2 extra riflemen.
  • Polish Airborne flamethrower and sniper teams which has the a sniper and a flamethrower, each with an additional crewman.
  • Polish Airborne PIAT anti-tank teams, which has a 2 Piat teams, totalling at 4 models.
  • Polish Airborne 6-pdr anti-tank gun, which contains 1 6-pdr anti-tank gun and 3 crewmen.
  • Polish Airborne 75mm pack howitzer, which contains 1 Pack 75mm Howitzer and 3 crewmen.
  • Polish Airborne Polsten Gun, which has the Polsten gun and 3 crewmen.
  • Polish Airborne Welbikes, which contains 2 Polish Airforce riding on Welbikes.

With this bundle, you’re getting a free Polish Airborne infantry section, more men for the drop!

We have more Polish!


Polish Airborne

This set also allows for Polish airborne troops to be built – their larger grey berets being a distinctive difference to their British counterparts.

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