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D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors Campaign Book

We take a look at what to expect in the second volume of our Bolt Action Campaign books that explore the invasion of Normandy.

D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors Campaign Book

Pre-orders for the second in our Bolt Action campaign book series, D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors; have begun to arrive on your doorsteps. For those who have yet to pre-order, you have a limited time to do so to claim the exclusive miniature, CSM Stanley Hollis VC, as part of your order, or to take advantage of one of our money saving army and book bundles, which each take advantage of one of the new army lists in the book (see below).

The pre-order period ends this Friday 15th January.

This campaign book focuses on some of the key clashes fought in Normandy in the summer of 1944 as British, Canadian, Polish, and other Allied forces engaged in desperate battles against a dedicated and determined German opposition. As well as summarising the history, this book also details a number of scenarios inspired by the engagements within the Normandy campaign, and the special rules required to play them.

What’s in this Book?

This book tells the story of the British and Canadian contribution to this monumental task, and the stoic German resistance they faced. It guides Bolt Action players from the latter stages of D-Day, beginning with the fierce fighting in the coastal towns off the beaches at Gold, Juno and Sword, through the violent clashes around the strategically vital city of Caen, and to the march against Germany itself.

Inside, you’ll find thirteen diverse scenarios, covering the action from the first pushes inland, to the dramatic climax of the campaign in the British & Canadian sectors during Operation Tractable.  We’ve also included army lists for four of the campaign’s most important forces – the Canadian Army, the battle-hardened Commandos, the fanatical 12th SS Panzer Division ‘Hitlerjugend’, and the Luftwaffe Field Division. These new army lists add a whole new dimension of play, allowing you to create themed forces for your campaigns in Normandy!

We’ve also included a whole stable of new special characters, including the VC-winning medic Corporal Frederick Topham, who put life and limb on the line to rescue wounded men, and the fanatical Kurt ‘Panzer’ Meyer, who earned his Iron Cross leading the Liebstandarte division’s reconnaissance battalion in Russia. These special characters are the perfect opportunity to theme your force further and make for amazing conversion opportunities.

Next Steps!

If you’re as excited as we are about this book, make sure you grab one of these fantastic pre-order bundle deals! By purchasing, you’ll get CSM Stanley Hollis VC, an exclusive special miniature that is only available as a pre-order bonus. Get your orders in now, so you don’t miss out!

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