Bolt Action - D-Day Overlord

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The Jedburgh Teams in Normandy

The Jedburgh Teams in Normandy

There were several resistance movements throughout occupied Europe. With their ability to disrupt German communications and movements from behind enemy lines, they were a critical resource to the coming invasion. Their members were also at high risk of being captured and killed. The Allied high command realized that without help, many of these groups would…

Bolt Action, Bolt Action - Battleground Europe, Bolt Action - British, Bolt Action - D-Day Overlord

Spotlight: Vehicles of the 7th Armoured Desert Rats

The 7th Armoured Division, nicknamed ‘The Desert Rats’, found fame in their North African campaign, but they also played a vital role in the D-Day landings. “Dear Desert Rats! May your glory ever shine! May your laurels never fade! May the memory of this glorious pilgrimage of war which you have made from Alamein, via…