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Black Powder 2: Napoleon in Russia

As the weather gets wintery, we’re continuing our series of articles on Black Powder 2 with a long march into Russia. This week we’re looking at Napoleon’s Russian campaign. Despite being the undisputed master of Europe, Napoleon was plagued by an unceasing guerilla war on the Iberian peninsular and growing discontent within his empire. Trade…

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Spotlight: Maison Forte MF10

Our pals at Sarissa Precision have created yet another superb centrepiece for your early war Bolt Action battlefields! Presenting Maison Forte MF10! Sarissa has created this outstanding MDF building, based on the design of a real Maginot line blockhouse. The Montmedy sector of the Maginot line covered the 60km frontage between Sedan and Longuyon. As it…