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New: Battle on Snowshoes – FIW Starter Set

For those of you looking to get started with the French-Indian War, we’ve got a brand new starter set for you – join the Battle on Snowshoes today! This fantastic starter set takes you deep into the frost-rimed woods of North America, in pursuit of two of the French-Indian War’s greatest soldiers. Captain Robert Rogers…

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Black Powder 2: Napoleon in Russia

As the weather gets wintery, we’re continuing our series of articles on Black Powder 2 with a long march into Russia. This week we’re looking at Napoleon’s Russian campaign. Despite being the undisputed master of Europe, Napoleon was plagued by an unceasing guerilla war on the Iberian peninsular and growing discontent within his empire. Trade…

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Spotlight: Using Bolt Action Command Blisters

Here in the Web Room, we’ve been assembling our forces for the upcoming Battle of France release. While busily working away (read: procrastinating – Ed.), we were discussing how best to use the fantastic command blisters to supplement a growing army. During our conversation, it occurred to us that we’ve never explained how versatile these packs…