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Warlorder Tom continues his One Box Armies project, pushing beyond the airborne landings into the bocage country around Carentan!

The One Box Army project is my attempt to see just how many points you can squeeze out of a single plastic box. At its core, Bolt Action is a game of frenetic infantry combat, so the One Box Army is the perfect introduction to the game rules, and an interesting way to break into new periods or theatres of the second world war.


The allies have driven a thrust into the heart of occupied Europe, punching through the Atlantic Wall into the bocage country behind. Scrambling to keep pace with the ferocious assault, SS and Wehrmacht units fought desperate defensive actions amidst the dense bocage hedgerows.

Fighting around Carentan and up the Cotentin peninsular was particularly fierce. Stiffened by battle-hardened Fallschirmjagers and SS Panzergrenadiers, the German forces refused to give a single inch of ground.

SS Panzergrenadiers lead the charge into Carentan!

The One Box Army

When building your force from a standard platoon box set such as the Waffen-SS you’ll need to focus on the following two areas: Compulsory Units and Additional Choices.

Compulsory Units

We’re using the Normandy theatre selector from the Armies of Germany book as a starting point for our list. To meet the minimum requirements, we’ll need an officer and two squads of SS Veterans.

Veteran 1st Lieutenant w/ Pistol (103pts)

  • 1x extra man with Assault Rifle

Arming your officer with the iconic broom handle Mauser pistol, and his attendant with a cutting-edge StG-44 will give you some additional firepower and allow him to keep pace with your crack infantry squads as they storm forward!

Waffen-SS Squad 1 (Late War) (105pts)

  • 3x riflemen
  • 2x MG42 LMGs

Waffen-SS Squad 2 (Late War) (105pts)

  • 3x riflemen
  • 2x MG42 LMGs

These two five-man squads will use ten bodies from your sprues, and four of the six available light machine guns. Use the bare heads or soft caps to represent your NCOs.

Use these two squads to pin your enemy in place with a withering hail of machine gun fire while the remainder of your force turns their flank or captures vital strong points!

Panzergrenadiers disembark ready for the assault!

Additional Choices

Waffen-SS Squad 3 (Late War) (107pts)

  • 1x Assault Rifle
  • 4x SMGs
  • Fanatics
  • 2x Panzerfausts

Waffen-SS Squad 4 (Late War) (107pts)

  • 1x Assault Rifle
  • 4x SMGs
  • Fanatics
  • 2x Panzerfausts

These two five-man units are the tip of your spear, charging headlong across the open ground (or better yet, through the ditches and hedgerows) to tear enemy positions apart at close range! Armed with assault rifles and SMGs, these units have a terrifying amount of firepower.

Keep your officer close behind these squads to keep it in the fight!

Veteran Artillery Forward Observer (128pts)

  • x1 extra man w/ Assault Rifle

This small team gives you the ability to blast a hole in the enemy battle line, creating a breach for your close-assault squads to exploit! Give your observer the hand holding the map and a pointing finger as he calls in a strike from the division’s self-propelled guns!

Veteran Medium Machine Gun Team (65pts)

Use one of your remaining LMGs, along with all the ammunition boxes, belts and spare barrels, mounting three bodies on a large round base to represent an MG-42 team in the process of redeploying to match the relentless advance of the Panzergrenadiers.

This small team kicks out an extra six shots a turn, adding a huge amount of defensive firepower to your army!

The above list gives you a completely legal 720pt force with 7 order dice to draw on during the battle.

Got Mit Uns!

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