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Bolt Action: Waffen-SS SG-6 Trippelwagen

The SG-6 Trippelwagen was an unusual all-terrain amphibious car, adapted for German military use as a reconnaissance vehicle. Hans Trippel designed the all-terrain four-wheeled drive amphibious car in 1935. His technique was to fit car mechanics into a boat hull rather than try to waterproof a car chassis. He set up a factory in Hamburg…

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Bolt Action: Waffen-SS + Jagdpanther Showcase

Warlorder Pete exhibits his beautifully painted Waffen SS and Jagdpanther! Having got the veteran grenadier squad, I decided on a slightly different paint scheme I’d seen some year ago, so no to the internet. According to the information I could find, the camo pattern I was looking for was SS-Leibermuster and was intended to replace…

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A STREET IN ARNHEM – A Market Garden Scenario

Bolt Action Campaign books are packed with detailed information, army profiles and lists but more importantly specific scenarios for you to challenge yourself, group, club opponents too. Operation Market Garden is no exception with a stunning 20+ scenarios to choose from or play as one full campaign… SCENARIO 15: A STREET IN ARNHEM Although this…