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A STREET IN ARNHEM – A Market Garden Scenario

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Bolt Action Campaign books are packed with detailed information, army profiles and lists but more importantly specific scenarios for you to challenge yourself, group, club opponents too. Operation Market Garden is no exception with a stunning 20+ scenarios to choose from or play as one full campaign…


Although this scenario is set on Utrechtseweg it is perfectly viable for any combination of German defenders against British or American troops – including British ground troops – or vice versa. The same tactical situations apply whether the battle consists of Americans fighting their way through Nijmegen or the Germans attacking the British in and around Oosterbeek.


Unless players are using the ‘War in a Small Place’ option – in which case the size of the force will have been set by the outcome of the previous action – the attacking force should have a points value superiority of 20 percent (for example, if the defending force has 1,000 points, the attacker should have 1,200 points). It is advisable to ensure that the defenders are not seriously outmatched in terms of order dice. An easy way to do this is to limit the infantry squads on the defending side to small squads or sections of no more than 6 men.


The game requires a street with houses on both sides and the game is played down the length of the board. The street can be straight or winding but it is important to ensure that there is plenty of obstruction to the line of sight along the back of the buildings – fences, hedges, outhouses and so on – urban terrain is pretty dense!


The attackers enter the board in the traditional Bolt Action manner, but the attacking player must retain at least one-third of his strength as a second wave that can join the fight using the reserves rules. The defending units cannot be less than 24” from the opposing end of the table.


The attacker needs to drive the enemy out of the street and the defender needs to prevent that from happening.


Street fighting is an arduous and time-consuming business that largely favours the defender. Play until the end of Turn 8.


If the defenders still have 30 percent of their strength and possession of a house on either side of the road with no enemy troops to their rear, they have stemmed the attack. If not, they have done their utmost but not prevailed and the attackers have won!


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