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For those of you looking to get started with the French-Indian War, we’ve got a brand new starter set for you – join the Battle on Snowshoes today!

This fantastic starter set takes you deep into the frost-rimed woods of North America, in pursuit of two of the French-Indian War’s greatest soldiers. Captain Robert Rogers and his elite company of green-coated Rangers have left their base at Fort Edward, delving through the snow-choked woodland towards Fort Carillion.

Rogers’ Rangers are peerless light infantrymen, uniquely trained in guerilla warfare and navigating the American wilderness. Encamped around Fort Carillion is Rogers’ arch-nemesis, Ensign Jean-Baptiste De Langis.

De Langy leads a company of battle-hardened French colonial marines, skilled in the same kind of warfare as Rogers’ Rangers. These two guerilla commanders and their native allies have skirmished back and forth across the frontier since the war began in 1754.

Rogers’ mission is to assess the disposition of enemy forces around Fort Carillion and report back to Colonel Havilland at Fort William. On this frosty March morning, with four feet of snow on the ground, these two forces are converging with dire consequences…

Battle on Snowshoes Contents

  • Black Powder 2nd Edition (A5 Version)
  • A Dark and Bloody Ground (with exclusive Eagle Eye miniature)
  • 24 Rogers’ Rangers
  • 12 Frontiersmen
  • 12 Indians with Snowshoes

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Tom Mecredy
Tom spends most of his time buying books and painting miniatures. He enjoys putting animals on the bases of his miniatures and half-finishing side projects. Some say that he lives in a tower on top of some windswept northern hill with his wife and cow-patterned cat, Spaghetti.