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Black Powder, French Indian War 1754-1763, Painting & Modelling

Hobby: French Indian War British Regular Infantry

Check out this brilliantly painted British Regular Infantry regiment posted on our forum by Babiruss. He’s created some lovely flags by painting on real fabric. Another forum user, NorseKnight83, has kindly provided a history of the regiment: The 55th regiment of foot also known as the Westmoreland regiment. The most notable commander of the regiment…

Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815, Uniforms & History

History: Napoleonic French Column vs British Line

The clashes between British and French forces during the Napoleonic wars saw two rather different approaches go head-to-head – the French attack column vs the British firing line! The French attack column Having suffered many defeats during the 18th Century, some in the French Army had become convinced that the advance to contact or ‘shock’…

Black Powder, Bolt Action, Focus, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815, Painting & Modelling

Focus: Waterloo Terrain from Sarissa Precision

From the team that created our La Haye Sainte and Pegasus Bridge terrain pieces, Sarissa Precision have a whole range of incredible laser-cut wooden sets. These kits represent the iconic buildings that formed pivotal strongpoints at the Battle of Waterloo – the chateau of Hougomont, Papelotte farm, La Belle Alliance inn and Plancenoit church as…

Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815, Painting & Modelling, Stage-by-Stage Guides

Painting: Napoleonic British step-by-step

Warlord’s Dave ‘Boycie’ Lawrence shows how he paints his Napoleonic British… Dave: I’m a big fan of the Napoleonic Era. My first ever wargaming army was a British Napoleonic Army using Minifig models. Twenty-odd years later, with the release of the Black Powder rules, the Albion Triumphant supplements and our expanding range of Napoleonic plastic…