Black Powder, French Indian War 1754-1763, Painting & Modelling

Hobby: French Indian War British Regular Infantry

Check out this brilliantly painted British Regular Infantry regiment posted on our forum by Babiruss. He’s created some lovely flags by painting on real fabric.



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Another forum user, NorseKnight83, has kindly provided a history of the regiment:

The 55th regiment of foot also known as the Westmoreland regiment. The most notable commander of the regiment was the older brother of Sir William Howe (later commander of the British forces in the American War of Independence). The regiment served at Forts Louisbourg, Ticonderoga and Niagara as well as the final drive on the last French stronghold in Canada. The regiment also saw service during Pontiac’s Rebellion. During the War of Independence the regiment served at the battles of Brooklyn and Brandywine before being sent to the West Indies.

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