Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815

Napoleonic British Command

Keep your brigades and divisions in good order with these Napoleonic British command models – field officers, adjutants and full command groups.


The first set of gentlemen officers are these two fine fellows on horseback in the Iberian Peninsula. It comprises of a field officer draped in a cloak (and sporting a rather impressive moustachio!)  and an adjutant. As with the majority of British officers during the Peninsular campaign, they are wearing cocked hats.



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Also available for British armies in the Peninsular campaign is this command group. It allows you to add more variety to the command options in the plastic boxed sets and contains a cloaked officer, a sergeant with spontoon or cane, drummer, 2 ensigns (inc steel standard poles and flag finials) and a hoary old sapper with his felling axe at the ready!

All of these models have separate heads as part of our Figure Head System, so you have plenty of options for yet more variety…


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Moving on to the campaign of the Hundred Days we have two of the Duke of Wellington’s fine officers atop their horses as they oversee another good thrashing for Boney’s French! The pack contains a field officer and an adjutant keeping watch on the blue-clad columns (or perhaps keeping a weather eye out for the arrival of the Prussians!)  through his spyglass.



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As with the Peninsular set above we also have a command group for the Waterloo British Line Infantry. This 6 model set contains an officer in greatcoat, sergeant with option of spontoon or cane, drummer, 2 ensigns (including steel standard poles and flag finials) and a sapper with carbine slung and axe on shoulder…


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And if you need more troops for them to lead…


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