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Who is River Horse?

We ask Alessio Cavatore (he of Bolt Action fame amongst many others) to enlighten us further about River Horse and just what games they make…   River Horse Alessio: River Horse has a varied portfolio of games, which we design here in our Nottingham HQ, right next door to Warlord Games. Our main games are…

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Local Store Highlights: Warkit, Lisbon

Warkit is a company and shop dedicated to plastic models. Created from the vision and passion for this wonderful hobby by a modeller, Nuno Da Costa, for the other hobbyists. Nuno Da Costa: “We wanted to create a space where any hobbyists beginner, more experiment or even professional, can feel comfortable and have the availability…

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Focus: Heroes of the Drift

With the Horns of the Buffalo, you’ll get 4 new heroes! John Stallard introduces two of these characters in swift order: Dan the Yank, and Padre Smith VC The pardre “Ammunition smith ” as he was consequently called, was busy all through the battle distributing packets of rounds contained in his hat whilst chiding his…