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Kickstarter: Terrain Essentials

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Terrain Essentials, a new complete guide to building your wargaming terrain
For the last five years, Mel (The Terrain Tutor) has been sharing his passion – teaching people everything he knows about building terrain for tabletop wargaming.

This Kickstarter campaign is to fund a printed version of the book – Terrain Essentials – a 96+ page book (now nearly 170 pages thanks to all the backers so far), packed to the brim with everything you need and will be published by Dave Taylor miniatures (yes that’s The Dave Taylor of painting Armies Legions and Hordes fame; check out this book here)

Let’s help our mate Mel push it over the line and check out his other stretch goals on the Kickstarter!


Last push Terrain Essentials Kickstarter

View the Kickstarter here

Mel Bose – The Terrain Tutor

Has been building terrain for almost as long as he can remember. When he was five, Mel built playsets for his little green army men in the corner of the craft store his mother ran. He was often assisted by model railroaders who were regulars at the store and, by the time he saw his first White Dwarf magazine at age 15, Mel was primed for a life of building terrain.


Mel has travelled the world, as a medic in the army, a physiotherapist, and even a salesman. Working with people from all walks of life has enabled Mel to look at things from many different perspectives. It is this approach that he brings to his successful YouTube channel (The Terrain Tutor).

For the last five years, Mel has been able to make a living from sharing his passion – teaching people everything he knows about building terrain for tabletop wargaming, for hobbyists, clubs, displays, and for dioramas – and it’s that passion and knowledge that he is bringing to this book, Terrain Essentials.


See Mels D-Day board in our Warlord HQ store and the build article here
Terrain Tutors DDay Board


Dave & Mel are using this Kickstarter campaign to fund a printed version of the book – Terrain Essentials – a 96+ page book perfect to add to the collection of anyone with an interest in creating excellent tabletop terrain, regardless of purpose or the builder’s ability.

The Content of Terrain Essentials:

Mel has spent many years researching all manner of tools, materials and techniques, as well as experimenting and documenting his process. He’ll be putting it down on paper for the first time, and Terrain Essentials will include:

• Theory
• Materials & Tools
• Core Techniques
• Base, Texture, and Paint
• Grasses and Trees
• Hills and Rocks
• Buildings and Ruins
• Water and Snow
• Terrain Kits
• Mel’s Top Tips

Because the plan is to cover each of these chapters in as much detail as possible and to give you as much information as they can, Mel & Dave have a number of stretch goals planned that will help them provide more in-depth knowledge on each of the techniques used and sample builds shown in the book.

Where are they at now?

As of today, they’re well on the way to creating Mel’s dream book, but still need that last bit of help to get it across the line and reach all the stretch goals.



Over the course of the campaign, they’ve unlocked an additional 48 pages of great terrain content and would love to add another 32 pages to round it out and make this the “go to” terrain building book for many years to come.


funded so far terrain essentials kickstarter

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