Bolt Action - Fortress Budapest

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Unit Profile: German Tanks in Hungarian Service

During the siege of Budapest, the Hungarian Army was re-equipped with several models of German tank to bolster their armoured units against the encroaching Soviets! Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer The Royal Hungarian Army received 101 Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer tank hunters in 1944–45. Some 75 of this number were imported from Germany to equip Hungary’s new Assault…

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Legends of Hungary: Major Edomer Tassonyi

Born on 6 October 1910 in Nagyláz, Hungary, Edömér Tassonyi joined the Royal Hungarian army in 1938, where he was commissioned as a junior Lieutenant in the newly formed Parachute Assault Regiment. He soon gained recognition from his men and superiors for demonstrating outstanding leadership. By October 1944 Major Tassonyi was the commanding officer of…

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Combat Focus: Panther vs T-34-85

Big cats stalk the streets of Budapest. The German Panther is a formidable foe for the more numerous, up-gunned T-34-85.   Vital Statistics Panther Ausf A, D and G T-34-85 Cost: 284pts (Inexperienced), 355pts (Regular), 426pts (Veteran)  188pts (Inexperienced), 235pts (Regular), 282pts (Veteran) Weapons: 1 turret-mounted super heavy anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG and 1…

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