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Blood Red Skies: Air Strike!

Scramble your squadrons. It’s soon to become a target-rich environment with the arrival of the Air Strike! compendium for Blood Red Skies. Airstrike Blood Red Skies: Air Strike! is a rules compendium that presents all of the rules from the original Blood Red Skies starter set and adds many new ones suitable for expanded air…

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Black Seas: Punchboard Set

The Black Seas Punchboard set contains all the tokens that you’ll need in the game, as well as representations of fortifications and coastlines. Contains 3 double-sided full-colour punchboards View in Store   The punchboard has all you need to represent game effects, such as damage to ships, upgrades and shooting effects. Also included are movement…

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Blood Red Skies: Hans Dortenmann

This week, we’re looking at one of the top German Focke-Wulf 190 aces, who shot down the legendary Pierre Clostermann – Hans Dortenmann. View in Store A Hawker Tempest lands heavily on the makeshift airfield, smoke belching from the engine, its fuselage riddled with holes. Its pilot – famed French ace Pierre Clostermann has just…