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Soviet Fighter Aircraft

New Soviet fighter squadrons swoop over the Eastern Front – securing the battlefields for the big push into Germany! Warlord Resin These aircraft are manufactured in the new, ultra-detailed, Warlord Resin! and come with all the cards and advantage flight stands that you need to field them in your games of Blood Red Skies Models supplied…

Blood Red Skies, Products

MiG Alley

Scream into the first large-scale jet-vs-jet air battles as you head into “MiG Alley”, North Korea, for Blood Red Skies! View in Store “MiG Alley” Was the name given by the United Nations (UN) pilots to the northwestern portion of North Korea, where the Yalu River empties into the Yellow Sea The area’s nickname was…

Blood Red Skies, Products

Lavochkin La-5 squadron + ACE

Making its combat debut in July 1942 the Lavochkin La-5 is here for Blood Red Skies! Lavochkin La-5 View in Store Able to fight German fighters on an equal footing the LA5 was developed and refined from the LaGG-3, it became one of the Soviet Air Force’s most capable types of Fighter aircraft of WWII….