Blood Red Skies

Blood Red Skies, Profiles

Blood Red Skies: The F4F Wildcat

Blast up off the pitching deck of a US Navy aircraft carrier in the rugged F4F Wildcat! Protect the fleet from marauding Zeroes and Kates! Despite a rocky development process that led to aircraft designs being scrapped and redrawn several times, the F4F Wildcat proved to be an incredibly successful naval fighter. In the hands…

Blood Red Skies, Profiles

Blood Red Skies: The Hawker Hurricane

While the Spitfire steals the spotlight an unappreciated workhorse is defending Britain’s shores from the marauding Luftwaffe. Enter the Hawker Hurricane! View in Store Designed and built in the early 1930s, the Hawker Hurricane was the RAF’s workhorse during the early part of the second world war. While not as glamorous as the Supermarine Spitfire,…

Blood Red Skies, Profiles

Blood Red Skies: The Luftwaffe

Dive back into Blood Red Skies with a brief look at the Luftwaffe – join some of the war’s finest aces in a desperate struggle for control of Europe’s skies! Despite the treaty of Versailles’ prohibition on warplanes of any kind, Hitler’s Reich continued development of aircraft technologies in secret, often using commercial enterprise as…