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Black Seas: Punchboard Set

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The Black Seas Punchboard set contains all the tokens that you’ll need in the game, as well as representations of fortifications and coastlines.

Black Seas Punchboard Set

Contains 3 double-sided full-colour punchboards

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The punchboard has all you need to represent game effects, such as damage to ships, upgrades and shooting effects. Also included are movement and turning templates.

The set contains 3 punchboards The scenery elements have reversible detailing, representative of both the Atlantic and Mediterranean theatres of naval combat. These are crucial components for many of the scenarios in the rulebook.

Rulebook and Punchboard Set

You can grab these punchboards along with the rulebook in this bundle, giving you all the tools for playing the game (minus the fantastic miniatures!).

Black Seas Book and punchboard


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Take to the Black Seas

Begin your seafaring adventures with the Black Seas starter set. You’ll receive a selection of brigs and frigates; giving you the makings of a fine fleet.

Master & Commander Starter Set


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