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The Antares Initiative – Month 3 – Freeborn French Touch Group

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French Touch Group member Guillaume has been busy in Month 3! Expect an update on battles and more Freeborn related news!

By Guillaume Pastor



My first games unwound during last November as well as little in December.

Our first initiation games were all about familiarising ourselves with the game, start small while adding rules as one goes along to increase the difficulty and get closer to the complete rules.

What came out from these games, it’s that we have difficulty thinking about Reactions! Reactions according to what our opponent chooses to do can make for a big game changer. To use them, hasn’t become yet a reflex, but I feel that it will be the turning point of the games once we do.

We used the book of rules in French Version, it’s a great read!

These first few games especially allowed me to tame my army. Understanding my army took longer than I imagined because the apprenticeship of rules, modified my vision of the fights but also the possibilities tactics of my army. My first choices for my list, purely aesthetic, weigh slightly on my way of playing. Not to mention the peculiarities as Freeborn lack special weapons in the squads of infantry, I can counterbalance by the addition of a unit of better quality in support for example.

I thus chose as the reinforcements of 250pts the initiative allows us, a different approach, hand-to-hand. I chose to add a NuHu Renegade and a Squad of Skarks! To carry the death in the ranks of my enemies!

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