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New: Gates Of Antares, Askar Mercenary Warriors

A race long thought extinct now reveals itself! The Askar – Mercenary Warriors, psychologically and physically specialised as fighters, now enter the Antarean arena as mercenaries for (almost) any force! View in Store Who are the Askar? The Askar of ancient times lived in hive-like cities called congregates with a number of sister-hives forming a…

Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares

New: Antares Drones

Arguably one of the most useful assets within the Antarean universe, you can now expand your automated force even further with these specialist drones! Synchroniser Drone shard View in Store The synchroniser drone is a buddy drone that enables the combat shard of one unit to synchronise its actions with another unit within the same…

Beyond the Gates of Antares, Freeborn, Latest Products

New: Freeborn Support Teams with Plasma cannon plus Fractal Cannon

The Freeborn outfit their support teams with the new plasma cannon and fractal cannon. Freeborn Support Team with Plasma Cannon View in Store The plasma cannon is the hardest hitting light support weapon available to any force in Antarean space and frequently used to arm ‘Hunter’ type weapon drones. The plasma cannon is the ultimate…