Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares

Sam Phillips’ Gates of Antares Algoryn Army

In his fourth article, Sam provides an overview of his new Algoryn army in preparation for its battle initiation...

Sam Phillips’ Gates of Antares Algoryn Army

In preparation for the upcoming battle report, I thought I’d share my updated Algoryn army.

The army features a five-man hazard command squad, two hazard squads with five in each, a Skimmer Command squad, Liberator armed with plasma, an Avenger Attack Skimmer armed with a mag cannon and four targeter probes.

Also added to the army are three 3d printed versions of the Hazard drop capsules, which are undergoing painting so you will see these in the upcoming battle report.

This force is designed to drop the Hazard squads on the enemy asap, providing they hit their mark of course!

The Liberator and Avenger are there to take on any heavily armoured threats and to provide long-range fire support to the Hazards squads. I decided to opt for the Command Skimmers instead of the regular version, the command bonus and the plasma carbines this unit carries enables the unit to give more of a punch in shooting and is designed to flit around the board harassing the enemy.

The medic is there to help out where possible but also gives me an extra order dice in the bag as is the same for the targeter probes. The Medic was made from a spare AI plastic trooper, and I added some canisters and pouches from my bits box. The nurse is made from one of the slave girls from the Ghar character. I added a backpack made of canisters and painted the contents of her tray silver, il be adding to the paint palette at a later date.

As well as the Spearhead force, I also have enough AI squads to form the basis of a more regular Antares army. This would take elements from the spearhead and combine them to make this army.

It consists of a Command Skimmer squad, three units of AI, one squad at full complement and two smaller units. The avenger attack skimmer is there to add firepower, the converted medic team and to back them up some serious firepower in terms of the mighty Bastion skimmer. This beast can put out a lot of firepower and is heavily armoured.

The updated army has had a splash of black added to each unit. I went with a combination of the army painter range, using Gun Metal and Matt White, an undercoat of Citadel Wraithbone, followed by two coats of Blood Angels Contrast paint. For all the black areas I used two thin coats of Abaddon Black with a Dark Reaper edge highlight. To further distinguish the helmets on the Hazard squads I applied a coat of Nuln Oil around the recesses of the neck, this can also be achieved with Army Painter Strong Tone.

With the force updated, most of this army will feature In the next article, these will go up against the immovable Boromites!

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