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Beyond the Gates of Antares Batrep: Algoryn vs Boromites Part One

In this latest article of his Antares series, Sam Phillips tests his Algoryn Spearhead against James Smedley's Boromites!

Beyond the Gates of Antares Batrep: Algoryn vs Boromites Part One

Algoryn Spearhead

Sam: For this game, I opted to use a list based around the Spearhead army list found within the Chryseis Shard supplement. The Hazard Squads are at full strength, and the Avenger has a Mag-cannon but no other unit has any other upgrades, I wanted as many units (therefore Order Dice) as I could fit into 750pts. I added the Army Options of Block and Superior Shard.

Army List:

  • Hazard Command Squad
  • Hazard Squad with Drop Capsule
  • Hazard Squad with Drop Capsule
  • Avenger Attack Skimmer with Mag Cannon
  • Algoryn Medic

The aim is to utilise the Drop capsules getting them into position to strike quickly, with the Medic backing up the Hazard units and the Avenger acting as a long-range heavy sniper.

I’m hoping to overwhelm the front line of defence and get as close to the objectives as possible. With more heavily armoured units and the ability to drop right down near the objectives, I have a good chance of succeeding!


James: Ever since Sam introduced me to Beyond the Gates of Antares at a demo evening at our local club I’ve been hooked! This game is brilliant, fast-paced, a great level of unpredictability and you’re never waiting for your turn!

So much so that I now have multiple armies but have a real love of the hardy Boromites! I added the Army Options Extra Shot and Block.

Army List:

  • Overseer Squad, Leader 3 with Tractor Maul.
  • Gang Fighters with two extra men, Mag Gun for Leader and Leader 2, plasma grenades.
  • Work Gang Heavy Tractor Mauls, Borer Drone, Leader 2 and all with reflex armour.
  • Work Gang Mass Compactors, two extra members, Reflex Armour and Leader 2.
  • Support Team with X-launcher, Spotter Drone, all munition types.
  • Micromites
  • Support Team with Mag Cannon, Spotter, Borer Drone and an extra crewman.

The up-close tactic of the Boromites should prove to be effective, with high Strike Values from the Mass Compactors and Heavy Tractor Mauls being key to getting into the Hazard armour. All I have to do is make sure his units never get close enough to the objectives; no small task with all that armour and not knowing where Sam will land his forces!

The Scenario

With the forces chosen, we went with Scenario 4: Hold the Line from the core rulebook. We decided before the setting up that the Boromites would defend whilst the Algoryn went on the attack. The scenario requires three buildings as objectives, with the aim being to be in control of most of them by the end of the game. We came up with the following context for our game:

Boromite forces have discovered a Concord outpost, wishing to discover what valuable supplies or Imtel there is to be found within the army sets about searching. The Algoryn, however, have already earmarked this location for their own. With the Boromites detecting the force above them they set up a defensive position around the compound.


The Boromites set up half their force within the setup area as designated by the scenario rules, with the other half of his force set up in Ambush.

Before the first turn, I can call down a Sonic Attack (Sonic Boom!) Hopefully disrupting the defence a bit! This is a chance to put additional pins on units and hopefully do some damage in the process.

I roll a D10 for each Boromite unit, with the Support Team gaining three pins, the Gang Fighters two pins, with the Overseer squad receiving one and the X-Launcher with nothing.

Before the game begins, the Algoryn deploy their Hazard Drop Capsules. Two landed near enough on target, each focusing on one of the objectives. The third containing the Command squad scattered, landed on the smaller building then rolled again and scattered, landing right in front of the main building, perfect!

Turn One

The first order dice went to the Algoryn. The Hazard squad closest to the first building opened fire on the X-launcher team, firing single shots from their plasma carbines. Scoring three hits, I chose to knock out their spotter drone, with James choosing to put one on the mortar and one on the crew, with both surviving but taking a single pin marker.

Next was another Algoryn order dice, so the second Hazard squad Advanced towards the main compound, taking aim at the Gang Fighters positioned on top of the building. The Hazard suits opened up with the carbines on Scatter Shots, 15 shots in total with only 2 hits!

No casualties this time, as there is no Strive Value (SV) on scatter shots and the walls of the fort gave the Gang Fighters +2 to their Res. However, this gave them another pin bringing their total to three.

James inevitably pulls another dice…going to myself again! What luck!

I advanced the Hazard Command unit towards the doors of the large compound, Rapid firing at the Gang Fighters causing a Pin and killing one!

Finally, the Boromites got the next dice, with reinforcements Advancing onto the table in the form of a Work Gang with Heavy Tractor Mauls, taking a shot at the Hazard Squad causing no casualties.

The next two dice out of the bag were Algoryn, with the Avenger Attack Skimmer flying on.  I gave this an Advance order to try and get a shot off with its Mag cannon at the Boromite support weapon, but sadly missing its mark on a 10! With my second dice, I attempted the same tactic…and failed again!

The Boromites Overseer passed its command check to run up the ladders and give some support to the Gang Fighters, followed next by a Heavy Tractor Maul unit giving the beleaguered x-launcher team some much needed back up, scoring a hit but with zero casualties on the Hazard squad.

The Algoryn medic then sauntered onto the table, sprinting his way to the centre of the board, whilst the Micromites also run onto the table with some attaching themselves to the Hazard squad nearest the X launcher unit.

James needed to pass a command check to get two of his units off the Down order with the X launcher passing, but the Gang Fighters failed!

Turn Two

The second turn began with my Algoryn, which James then promptly blocked! Thinking that was rather rude, I did the same thing back at him! Meaning both dice must be put back in.

Algoryn managed to get the next dice and opted to pour Scatter shots into the advancing Mass Compacters, with James initiating a Firefight. The Hazards lost three to fire whilst they only managed to take out the Borer drone! Fortunately, the Algoryn managed to pass their break test due to losing half their numbers in shooting.

The Algoryn Hazard Squad near the main compound Advanced towards the Overseer and opened fire, with James ordering the Overseer Down, I had to reroll my hits, five found their mark but caused no casualties.

The Boromite Mag Cannon team took aim at the newly arrived Avenger, hit with a reroll and I then rolled a 10! The skimmer went up in a ball of flames due to the Massive Damage the Mag Cannon causes. That’s two of my order dice out the bag already due to it being MOD 2!

The Boromites with Mass Compacters Sprint to their destination, getting a natural one on the Agility test meaning they add 5 inches to the move.

The X launcher fires Scrambler ammo at the Hazard squad, scatters but still lands nearby to affect them. This reduces their RES by -4!

The Algoryn medic Advances, taking a pot shot at the Overseer but misses with both pistol shots. With the final dice pulled it was time to start the third turn.  The Overseer manages to pass its Down order dice to see if it goes back in the bag, while the Gang Fighters fail and remain down!

You can join us next week to read how Sam and James got on in Part Two of this BatRep. For those wondering, this battle report was played prior to the second UK national lockdown. The Buildings used are by 4Ground, the gaming mat is from Deep Cut Studios, and the Algoryn drop capsules were 3D printed.

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