Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares

Creating an Army: Algoryn Prosperate

Guest Writer Sam Phillips talks about building an Algoryn army from scratch...

Creating an Army: Algoryn Prosperate
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Following on from the introductory article, I thought I’d share my thoughts on building an army.

I began with the Algoryn Starter starter army set which contains enough to make up to three five-man squads of AI, an Avenger Attack Skimmer, Command squad and an x-launcher weapons team.

This gave me the basis for a decent size army when just using the army list found within the core book and is more than enough for a good game.

Having those smaller squads means you get more order dice on the table and offers flexibility when going for objectives. The army out of the box will give you 7 Order Dice to put in the bag, with the Avenger Attack Skimmer being MOD 2, which means you can activate the vehicle twice!

However, the smaller size of the Algoryn Infantry squads means they could be taken out easily either by wiping the unit out or Pinning them off the table, so I acquired a single AI trooper and made the squad up into two 8 man units. This allowed me to further equip each squad with either two micro x launchers or two mag repeaters respectively.

After perusing the Chryseis Shard supplement I decided upon using the Spearhead formation. This list is a variant of the standard Algoryn army list found within the core rulebook and allows you to have multiple fast-moving units with a core of Hazard squads, Avenger Attack skimmers and the smaller Intruder varients.

With this in mind, I picked up two packs of Hazard Suits and a pack of the Hazard Suit Command. In-game, these are expensive units but more than make up for it with heavy armour and plasma rifles. I then used the Avenger attack skimmer from the starter army set, giving me some fast-moving element to the army.

To add some heavy-hitting firepower, I opted for the larger and up-gunned Liberator, with shield drone and two spotter drones, which is also MOD2. This beast packs a lot of punch, and is such a beautiful model how could I not!

For more standard games I have the two fully equipped units of Infantry squads, now backed up by the huge MOD3 Bastion Combat Skimmer. I use these in conjunction with the Hazard command squad and a squad of hazard suits. This gives me more flexibility in terms of infantry units, this giving me more order dice and the Bastion is there to soak up attention and hopefully obliterate heavily armoury units, utilising it as an area denial unit. It’s a miniature you cannot afford to ignore, whilst my Algoryn Infantry can claim objectives, produce a screen for the more expensive units within the army.

I plan on adding the Hazard drop capsules to the army to get the slower Hazard units into the action quicker, these will also help should there be any objective-based games when playing as the attacker. I also intend to buy a pack of the Intruder Attack Skimmers to provide a fast unit to help claim objectives or harass the enemies flanks.

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In the next article, I will be showing how to paint my reinforcements up, and what extra elements I intend to add to the army.

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