Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares

Battle Ready Algoryn Skimmer Command Squad

In Part 3 of his series, Sam Phillips expands his new Algoryn force...

Battle Ready Algoryn Skimmer Command Squad
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In this next article in the series, I’ll show you how I get a Skimmer Command unit ready for the battlefield in double-quick time using a battle-ready colour scheme.

Naturally, I wanted these new additions to the army to fit in with the rest of the force.

First of all, I laid out all the parts and removed any tabs or mould lines present on each miniature. The skimmers have resin hulls with metal parts, and each resin piece needs to be washed in warm soapy water to remove any traces of the releasing agent.

Doing this means the paint will adhere to the miniature and won’t fade away while painting, a very important step when dealing with any resin model.

Once they were dry I assembled the miniatures straight from the box, then sprayed the miniatures with Citadel Wraithbone spray. Next, I used two coats of Citadel Contrast Blood Angels Red. It’s important to fully wait for the first coat to dry and like many washes or dips make sure it doesn’t pool up in areas you don’t want it to, simply draw it away with a brush or dab lightly with a corner of a tissue/sponge.

Once the second coat had dried I could then begin to block out any areas that I wanted to use a dark colour on, the guns, panels and exhausts under the hull of each vehicle and the partly exposed head of the commander (yes I know…he should really wear that helmet!)

I used two thin coats of Abaddon Black providing a nice smooth finish to the area, followed by painting in the wing panels and guns in Leadbelcher. I then used Citadel Corax White for the emblems on the shoulder pad and helmets as well as the icon on the front of the hull.

After painting the leaders head with Nurgling Green I then gave these areas a coat of Nuln Oil doing my best to avoid any of the red-painted areas. For the chest plates, I used two thinned out coats of Wraithbone followed by a wash of Citadel Nuln Oil. The areas on the wings painted in black were then given a highlight of Citadel Dark Reaper and finally, all three were given an Army Painter Anti-shine Matt Varnish brush over.

Whilst waiting for the models to dry, I turned my attention to the bases. These I deliberately left separate and painted these in Matt Black. The reason for this is I find the black undercoated provides a little extra depth to the two different kinds of textured paint I paint on top.

The snow was achieved by first using two coats of Citadel Mourn Mountain Snow followed by a dry brush of Army Painter Matt White. Once this had fully dried I applied a Citadel Technical paint of Valhallan Blizzard. This combination gives the impression of older more compact snow underneath fresh snowfall. Once I painted the flying stems black (personnel preference…though this changes from project to project!) I then simply added some Army Painter Arctic Tundra tufts to each base.

With that final touch, these three are ready to do battle on the tabletop!

As a side note, I will be doing some more painting work on the other miniatures in the army, just changing the colour scheme slightly to break up that red a little more.

In the next article, these three will be lending their speed and manoeuvrability in an upcoming battle report!

Try your own Hand

The Intruder Scout Skimmer is designed for mobility in mind, making it the ideal vehicle for the Algoryn to use for scouting and reconnaissance operations whilst still holding the ability to engage the enemy in combat.

The Algoryn Intruder command bring new detailed features and use the ‘Follow’ special rule allowing them to command multiple nearby units each turn of the game.

Algoryn Intruder Command on the field

Their main weapon is their speed, the ability to have presence on different parts of the battlefield really keeps your opponent on edge. The ‘reach’ of these models is massive, enabling you to command nearby units by using their ‘Follow’ special rule ensuring you can capture that objective last minute or gun down that last unit hidden away. Keep on the move and use line of sight blocking terrain as much as you can to avoid losing this highly mobile and effective Command unit.

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