Mythic Americas, Warlords of Erehwon

Monstrosities in Mythic Americas

Monstrosities are extremely powerful units in Mythic Americas, as well as acting as gorgeous centerpiece miniatures for a warband.

Monstrosities in Mythic Americas

The unit type we call ‘monstrosities’ covers a huge variety of very large monsters as well as vast machines. What they all have in common is that they are big – monstrously so – and to represent them in the game requires a few extra rules. One of the things that makes monstrosities different from all other units, is that they may have two or three order dice rather than one.

Because some monstrosities have more than one order dice they can take more than one action in a turn. This means, for example, a monstrosity unit could be given a run order with its first dice and make a 2M move, and subsequently, be given an advance order with its second dice, move 1M and make ranged attacks. This makes them extremely powerful entities to wield on the battlefield but as ever in wargames, such power brings heavy tactical scrutiny from your opponents, who will do their utmost to prevent you unleashing a monstrosity’s full potential.

A standard warband is typically only permitted the use of one of each monstrosity.

Tribal Nations – Wendigo

The Wendigo is the monstrosity choice for the Tribal Nations and is a powerful force to behold on the battlefield. With two Order Dice and the Woodsmen special rule, the Wendigo can perform its four attacks from an ambush to obliterate the enemy units.

The Way can affect the way you play a Wendigo. A Wendigo under The Way of the Everliving provides a guaranteed ambushing moment with the speed to charge the offending unit. A Wendigo under The Way of the Everchanging can be instantly prepared to ambush at a specific time in the game, thus spoiling an enemy attack plan.

The Aztecs – Quetzalcoatl

Unlike other monstrosities, the Quetzalcoatl is a powerful spellcaster. With special rules of Fast and Flies, the winged serpent can move around the field with ease and reach most parts of the battlefield with its spellcasting ability. The Quetzalcoatl’s multiple melee attacks, high stats and Venomous ability make it a force to be feared in melee as well. Coming stock as a Magic level 2 unit, you can opt to boost this to Magic Level 3. In Mythic Americas, a wizard’s magic level can affect the efficacy of a given spell, for example, the Aztec spell ‘Sun Smite’, is a magic missile that has a range equivalent to 10″ x the user’s magic level.

Additionally, The Way may affect how you use your Quetzalcoatl. An Everliving Quetzalcoatl can boost the Magic Level of a selected caster while an Everchanging Quetzalcoatl can affect the results of a magical miscast – potentially saving your own caster or destroying an enemy’s.

The Aztecs – Ayar

The Ayar is the ultimate tar-pit unit against standard warriors with an incredibly high resistance value. An undead monstrosity, the Ayar can threaten enemy units with its strong melee attacks and by hurling corpses as a ranged attack. The Stuck In rule makes it difficult for enemy units to escape combat with the Ayar – forcing nearby units to take an order test at -1 command when assigned an order dice. Failure compels that unit to charge the Ayar.

Through Everliving spells or the influence of the Everliving Ayar monstrosity, friendly undead units can be healed as long as the unit is not completely destroyed. Healing can actually return removed models back to the affected unit. An Everchanging Ayar, however, can force the enemy to charge it, disrupting the enemy’s well-laid plans.

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