Warlords of Erehwon

Mythic Americas: American Folklore through Warlords of Erehwon

Developed in Partnership with Mythicos Studios - This is the Way...

Mythic Americas: American Folklore through Warlords of Erehwon

Developed in partnership between Warlord Games and Mythicos Studios, Mythic Americas takes players on a journey through American folklore, using the incredible Warlords of Erewhon engine to power lightning-fast skirmish games between warbands of the Mythic Americas!

This is the Way

For an eternity two opposing forces-The Everliving and the Everchanging, as ordained by the One, have been pushing against each other on uncountable battlefields so as to maintain Balance in all existence. Here on Earth, the One has also created The Ruling Children, or simply, The Children. The Children have come in many forms in the past. Today WE are the Children. As today’s Ruling Children, our only role is to help maintain the Balance or perhaps (no one really knows) to unbalance it.

The Children (as mortal creatures) are as unpredictable as the wind, and choose sides depending on the whims of convenience or the dictates of mysterious prophecies. The Children do not yet know what the fate of all will be. The end is uncertain. One thing the wise Soul Walkers amongst the Children do know…resetting the Balance will mean extinction.

The conflict is raging across vast expanses of varied and imposing terrain. Mighty beasts of nature and magic-driven monstrosities clash against creatures from the Children’s worst nightmares. Death, and destruction spreads across all the lands, across almost unending deserts, in suffocating jungles, on cloud covered mesas, and on vast grass-covered plains.

For those of us today who have been brought into a dream state by a Soul Walker, so that we can witness the ages before ours, and so we can prepare for our own coming struggle, these lands share one name…America. Welcome to the great struggle taking place across the entire Western Hemisphere. Welcome to Mythic Americas.


What is Mythic Americas?

Written by Nelson Martinez, the Mythic Americas version of Warlords of Erehwon still keeps at its heart, a singular objective in mind – to allow for fast-paced and exciting miniature battles upon a standard-sized table between rival forces known as warbands. A warband represents your own band of warriors – courageous humans, blood-thirsty monsters, and even minions raised from beyond the grave to do your bidding.

Warbands might typically comprise a few dozen models organized into loose groups of fighters, commonly five to ten strong each, or a single model in the case of giant monsters and mighty heroes. Mythic Americas: Warlords of Erehwon is large enough to provide scope for scenario building, with plenty of opportunities to reward tactical play, but at the same time keeping things manageable in terms of the size of forces and space required. The game uses ten-sided dice providing for a game with mechanical depth and considerable adaptability. An intuitive universal dice test system means that play proceeds at a good pace once players are familiar with the core mechanics. A host of unique and entertaining attributes ensure that different creatures fight and behave after their own fashion, bringing their mix of strengths and weaknesses to the fight.

The sequence of gameplay is determined by a dice-bag draw, and units are activated one at a time in a way that engages and challenges both players. A draw for your warband is an opportunity to launch your attack, or perhaps to set an ambush, maybe to seize a tactically important part of the battlefield or to cast a spell and turn the tide of battle in your favour. Beware though – for whatever you do there is no guarantee that the next draw might not favour your foe – so you must be prepared for all situations.

In Mythic Americas, however, some new and exciting tactical elements have been added to the Warlords of Erewhon game. So as to give each faction a more unique “flavour” that fits well within the background of Mythic Americas we have introduced the concept of The Way. This allows you to align your warband with either the Everchanging or Everliving, which give you access to secondary scenarios as well as powerful in game effects or spell choices for your magic users.

The Book and the Factions

In addition to containing all the rules to get playing the game, the Mythic Americas rulebook includes six primary scenarios (scenarios that do not require a specific warband alignment), sixteen secondary scenarios (eight devoted to each of the two alignments) and four full warband army lists for the following:

  • The Tribal Nations
  • The Aztecs
  • The Incas
  • The Maya

Each army list also includes tips and tactics for playing each of the warbands as well as background all the relevant unit stats and magic pertinent to that warband.

You’ll also find tips and painting guides for painting your new warband as well as a wealth of references should you wish to further develop your understanding of the real-world histories, mythologies and cosmogonies of the four warbands.

Being Mythic Americas, these warbands are not limited to human warriors. They have the ability to call upon all manner of beasts, whether through their bond to Mother Nature, the manifestation of spirits or even ritualistic binding of the inanimate dead to fight for The Way.

Pre-Orders now Live

The initial wave of Pre-Orders will be available on the Warlord Webstore from Saturday 26th September. There’ll be starter sets and starter warbands for our first two warbands, the Aztecs and the Tribal Nations. You’ll also be able to procure a special edition Aztec Jaguar Warrior Miniature – only available through pre-orders!

You can also snag an Incan Sapa Emperor on Spirit Jaguar miniature months ahead of its general release by grabbing one of our Pre-Order bundles or within the Mythic Americas Collectors Edition (limited to 200 copies available).

The Collectors Edition includes:

  • Aztec Warband:
    • 1 Tlalocan High Priest Hero unit (INCLUDING 4 Bound-Dead Bodyguards. 5 models)
    • 4 Tlalocan-Bound Dead WARRIOR units (20 models)
    • 1 Tlalocan-Bound Marauders MONSTER unit (3 models)
  • Tribal Nations Warband:
    • 1 Sachem Warlord (1 HERO model)
    • 2 Mohawk Warrior UNITS (10 models)
    • 2 Seneca Warrior UNITS (10 models)
    • 1 Sasquatch MONSTER UNIT (3 models)
  • Special Miniatures:
    • Aztec Jaguar Warrior (exclusive to Mythic Americas collector’s edition and pre-order bundles)
    • Sapa Emperor mounted on Spirit Jaguar – An Inca Warband miniature available here months before general release
  • Dice
  • Hardback Rulebook
  • Game Cards
  • Tokens

Supplement your Forces

With eagles, sasquatches and terrifying monstrosities amongst many other units to add new and dynamic tactical options to your new Mythic Americas warband, there’s something in the range to whet your hobby appetite, from both a gaming and modelling perspective. A small selection is below:


View full Mythic Americas Range


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