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Mythic Americas: The Aztec Warband

The bloodthirsty Aztecs in the new Mythic Americas game based on Warlords of Erehwon...

Mythic Americas: The Aztec Warband

Mythic Americas is a fantastic opportunity to explore the diverse cultures of the Americas. This article takes a look at the bloodthirsty Aztecs, and how they’ll play on your tabletop!

Developed in partnership between Warlord Games and Mythicos Studios, Mythic Americas takes players on a journey through American folklore, using the incredible Warlords of Erewhon engine to power lightning-fast skirmish games between warbands of the Mythic Americas!

A native people of Mesoamerica, the Aztec or Mexica, endured struggle and strife in a journey south from their original home in Aztlan to a lakebed in the Mexican basin where they would eventually, create the capital city of Tenochtitlan in the early 1300’s. Though they were skilled farmers who created tiered chinampa to manage crops, fisherman, and fierce warriors, what perhaps defines them most is that they were city builders.

The Aztec Warband and Death

Throughout their history, the Aztec empire made extensive use of human sacrifices; by cutting the hearts out of living victims, spilling copious amounts of their victim’s blood on holy sites and temple altars. The Aztecs also practised ritual cannibalism.

Human sacrifices were made throughout the year to bless temples, bring rain, avoid famine, and ultimately as a simple matter of survival. The Aztecs believed that the sun god Huitzilopochtli was in an eternal war against darkness and evil.

In Mythic Americas’ lore, the Aztec fascination with death goes beyond sacrifices and extends to a thorough immersion in death magics. Powerful Aztec priests and wizards regularly brought those sacrifices back to life, so that the victims could continue to help the Aztecs and their gods in the fight against darkness even after their untimely deaths. As they saw it, if the darkness won then all life on Mother Earth would end permanently and this would mean the end the eternal Balance, which the One had decreed.

How They Play

The Aztecs are designed around a core of many, lower quality undead warriors that, when enhanced by magic, can stand toe-to-toe with tougher enemies. In addition to the undead hordes, elite troops in the form of Jaguar warriors and Eagle warriors provide powerful melee and ranged support. The elite units must be used sparingly due to their high cost and light armour.

The Aztec warband has multiple spellcasters led by a higher magic level warlord and units of minor, support spellcasters. Aztec undead units benefit from enhancement spells where a single spell can augment many undead units. These buff spells can be used for numerous temporary statistic increases such as strength and resistance. The buffs combined with their Dread special rule can create undead units that are vicious on the attack or durable roadblocks slowing the opponent’s advance.

Aztec army lists will require synergy between both the lower quality, high model count undead units, and the more elite living units. Aztec magic is critical to enhancing units to take advantage of their full potential.

Aztec Warband Starter Set


1 Tlalocan High Priest HERO unit (includes four bound-dead bodyguards)
4 Tlalocan-Bound Dead WARRIOR units (20 models)
1 Tlalocan-Bound Marauders MONSTER unit (3 models)

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