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The Antares Initiative – Month 3 – Ghar French Touch Group

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French Touch Group member Jonathan has provided you with his Month 3 update! The Ghar Empire is strong and if that is your army, expected

By Jonathan Manon


Firstly, I’am very happy to announce that my 500pts Scout Force is painted! Usually, painting a dozen miniatures in time is not a problem for me, but this time, because I’am new on Beyond the Gates of Antares, painting miniatures coming from this universe is… wait… first time: the assembly, the texture, the colour scheme I used on them is totaly new for me.

But this time, because we are all busy aren’t we? I tried to have free time continuing the paint of my Ghar giving them always my highest painting skills on them.


So, they are done, I’am happy to play with them! talking about games : I played two games this month fighting Nick’s Isorian and Le Doc’s Boromites for one draw and one defeat…

About the games. For the first shot against the Isorian, it was a game of learning about learning more rules than the initiation set.

I played very badly with my fearsome Ghar Battlesuits: just running them forward toward the enemy who pinned them a lot in return… Only the Outcast saved the day by shooting the Senatex Command Squad! That showed even the poorest Ghar unit can win!

The result of the game: a tie!


The second game was against the Tough Le Doc’s Boromites. Again we learnt more rules like the Close Combat phase with the Terrifying Lavamites against the Outcast unit who was completely eaten by the hungry and fast Boromite unit! My Assault Ghar Battlesuit Squad finished them up in return. The scenario we played is the first one in the rulebook: Let Battle Begin! Clearly simple: the goal is to defeat the enemy. I lost the game mostly because of the Boromites firing units shot at will on my poor Combat Squad and the pin markers increased… My unit broken after failing the break test…

After restoring my moral, I thought about my next 250pts army list upgrades and for me, my choices are quite simple; to give more powerful abilities to the Ghar army backbones units: the Battlesuits. To do so, I decided to give them all the Plasma Amplifier option in order to upgrade them to MOD 2, signifying that the unit could have an extra order dice per turn! (after a special test of course) that is pretty awesome and deadly I think! But, with a total cost of 70pts PER single trooper: that is a quite amount of points!


After strengthen my backbone units, I realise that I will be short of units and of course of Order Dice. So to find a solution, I decided to add an Outcast Command Squad with an extra trooper in order to power up the Ghar Outcast Unit with a good moral and for a better activation option during the game using the command squad capability. I add 5 more Outcast trooper to the Outcast unit in order to grow up their numbers giving more survivability on the battlefield. And finally, because I needed one more Order Dice with a new unit (new unit for painting and playing of course), with the last remaining few points I recruited a complete Flitters unit, hopefully giving my force some precision skills during a game.


Next month we work on my special Character; I think a lot about he’s looking style wise. I would like to tell you more about him but because it is a surprise I would like just to tell you that he loves “surfing”! See you next time folks!

Army Breakdown!

Unit: Special Pts
+1 extra Ghar Trooper for the Ghar Battle Squad 60
5x 10pts Plasma Amplifier 50
Upgrade to leader 2 10
Total 120


Unit: Ghar Assault Squad Pts
3x Plasma Amplifier 30
Total 30


Unit: Outcast Command Squad Pts
Outcast Command Squad 40
+ 1 extra Outcasts 4
Total 44


Unit: Outcast Squad Pts
5 x Outcast troopers 25
Unit: Flitters Pts
4 x flitters 20
+ 2 extra flitters 10
Total 30

Total Army points value = 249pts

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