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New: SS-Sturmbataillon Charlemagne

Out today is our SS-Sturmbataillon Charlemagne metal boxed set – Frenchmen who volunteered to fight for Germany against the Bolshevik Soviets. The Second World War saw many confusing contradictions as politics and ideals clashed in epic campaigns that were once thought inconceivable. One such oddity was the Charlemagne division, the 33. SS-Grenadier Division which fought…

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New: Pike & Shotte Engineer Working Party

Out today is the hard-working Engineer Working Party for Pike & Shotte, standing ready to build your siege lines and earthworks: It was not all marching and fighting in 17th century armies. Roads were normally appalling and needed to be  mended, widened or drained. Bridges needed building, repairing, strengthening or demolishing. Houses, great and small could…

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New: Plastic M4 Sherman Medium Tank

This all-new plastic kit is the first fruits borne of our partnership with scale model giants Italeri. The M4 Sherman medium tank served Allied forces well, with American and British armies fielded them in large numbers (the British calling them the Sherman I). Alongside the Soviet T-34, the M4 Sherman medium tank was arguably one…