This all-new plastic kit is the first fruits borne of our partnership with scale model giants Italeri.


The M4 Sherman medium tank served Allied forces well, with American and British armies fielded them in large numbers (the British calling them the Sherman I).


Alongside the Soviet T-34, the M4 Sherman medium tank was arguably one of the two most important Allied tanks of the war. It was supplied by the industrial might of the United States to the British, Commonwealth and Soviet armies in great quantities, with nearly 50,000 of all variants being built by the war’s end.


The M4 Sherman was a reliable design and was developed into several variants throughout the course of the war, going on to serve in conflicts beyond 1945 around the world.


The Sherman’s introduction during World War II provided Allied tank crews with a superior design to the mid-war German panzers, and one that was always superior to Japanese vehicles, although German tank development would soon outstrip this stalwart of Allied armour capability. Its 76mm of armour and 75mm main gun made it a useful tank and its 5-man crews battled their way through Africa, Italy, the Pacific, North-West Europe, the Eastern Front and into Germany itself.

WGB-AI-502-M4-Sherman-tank-dThis highly detailed 1:56 scale plastic kit is a great combination of detail, accuracy and the durability you expect from wargames models that are going to see a lot action. One very cool feature of this kit is the main gun elevates with co-axial machine gun in sync!

Aside from the kit itself we have included this full-colour waterslide decal sheet, allowing you to create this iconic Allied tank in many unique forms…


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You’ll be able to see this new plastic kit on our stand at Salute on April 12th and we also hope to have the first look at the forthcoming plastic Panther Ausf A…