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New: Plastic Late French Light Infantry

Our latest Napoleonic boxed set arrives today – the Late French Light Infantry, containing 30 of our superb plastic infantrymen and 6 metal command figures: Not all of Napoleon’s troops could make it through to the Guard, lifting themselves from the obscurity of the Line regiments, but the soldiers of Bonaparte’s Light infantry regiments  believed…

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New: New Kingdom Egyptians!

This week sees the release of the New Kingdom Egyptians, we have three metal boxed sets comprising of chariots, spearmen and archers, the key elements you need to build an Egyptian army and face off against the recently released Hittites! The Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth dynasties comprise the age of the Egyptian New Kingdom (1550-1077BC)….

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Rebellion! – A Black Powder Supplement

Available now, the Black Powder American War of Independence supplement, Rebellion! View in store! This glorious 144-page full-colour book, written by Steve Jones, comes with a free Continental officer figure sculpted by Alan Perry himself! Who else would you ask to design a new figure for an American War of Independence book? You’ll be able to buy…