Our latest plastic 1:56 scale Bolt Action vehicle has arrived and is ready for deployment to your tabletop – the fearsome German Panther tank!


The Panther was the best all-round German tank of the war and although conceived as a medium tank, at 45 tons and with frontal armour over 100mm thick, it could easily be rated more highly.

The Panther’s thick, sloping front armour was copied from the Russian T-34 but the main gun was a weapon that far excelled anything the Russians possessed, the high velocity KwK 42 L70, which was capable of penetrating any Allied tank in service when it was first introduced.

This is the second variant of the Panther – bizarrely the Panther’s marks don’t run alphabetically, instead running D, A and then G. Built from mid 1943 onwards, it saw action on both Eastern and Western fronts, serving with distinction.  Changes on the original Panther Ausf D include a redesigned hull machine gun and a commanders cupola.

Our plastic Panther Ausf A is made courtesy of renowned plastic kit manufacturers, Italeri. As you would expect from kit by a company of such pedigree it is highly detailed and has some great extra features such as the main gun being able to elevate, a cored out gun barrel and muzzle brake and even zimmerit anti-magnetic mine paste!

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Find out more about the Panther Ausf A in the Armies of Germany book and how to field them in games of Bolt Action.


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We also envisage the Panther playing a major role in games of Tank War when it is released very soon!

You can place a pre-order for your copy now – and get an exclusive free panzer commander miniature into the bargain!



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