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Konflikt '47, Latest Products

New: Panther-X with Light Rail Gun

The heavy and versatile chassis of the Panther makes for the perfect weapons platform for the Schwerefeld Projector… Here is the new Panther-X for Konflikt ’47. View in Store The versatile and highly effective Panther tank has been upgraded with a modernised and field tested Schwerefeld Projector to create a well-armed and armoured medium tank….

Konflikt '47, Latest Products

New: King Tiger-X with heavy rail gun

Germany has discovered new weapon technology within the rift messages. Now a new threat reveals itself on the battlefields of Konflikt’47 The King Tiger-X with heavy rail gun! View in Store King Tiger – X Whilst production of the Tiger II remains limited and has been further curtailed by resources diverted to the heavy panzermech…

Konflikt '47, Latest Products

New: Panther-X

The combination of advanced tank design and Rift tech has been joined to bring a new threat to the 1947 battlefield, the Panther-X… View in Store Recognised as highly versatile by the senior officers that appraised its early performance, the Schwerefeld Projektor had a reasonable anti-tank capability, a higher rate of fire than a traditional…

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New: Sherman Crocodile

Laydown Fire and Brimstone upon your enemies with the new Resin & Plastic Sherman Crocodile for Bolt Action late war American forces. View in Store Inspired by the powerful British Churchill Crocodile and their own experiences in the Pacific with other versions of flamethrower tanks the US army ordered some 100 Sherman Crocodile variants from…

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Rocky’s War Room: Panzer 38(t) – Start to Finish!

YouTuber Rocky’s War Room has made an excellent video series featuring him building the new plastic Panzer 38t from start to finish! Follow along as Rocky works on this highly detailed kit from Warlord Games. Top Tips included! Bolt Action: German Panzer 38(t) Let’s Build Painting the Panzer 38(t) Part 1: Basecoats and Chipping Painting…