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New: Type 3 Ho-Ni Tank Destroyer

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The Japanese are setting their sights on destroying Allied vehicles with the new Type 3 Ho-Ni Tank Destroyer.

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The Ho-Ni was based on the chassis of the Chi-Ha and mounted a 75mm gun. Although the superstructure was armoured to the front and sides, the fighting compartment was open at the top and rear – making the crew vulnerable to attack.

The Ho-Ni III was an improvement on the original Ho-Ni with a completely enclosed superstructure. Most of these improved tank destroyers were retained in the Japanese home islands to oppose the anticipated Allied invasion.

In Bolt Action

This is an ideal weapon to use in Ambush, Fire and move back to a new position and draw the enemy onto your main guns.

Cost: 124pts (inexperienced), 140pts (Regular)
Weapons: 1 casement-mounted forward-facing medium anti-tank gun.
Damage value: 8+ (light tank).
Special Rules: Open-topped

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For Japan!


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Expand your Imperial forces and prepare for the invasion today!


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