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New: King Tiger-X with heavy rail gun

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Germany has discovered new weapon technology within the rift messages. Now a new threat reveals itself on the battlefields of Konflikt’47 The King Tiger-X with heavy rail gun!

German King Tiger-X with Heavy Rail Gun

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King Tiger – X

Whilst production of the Tiger II remains limited and has been further curtailed by resources diverted to the heavy panzermech programme, the tank remains a highly potent vehicle.

As rift-tech developments have led to newer and more potent weapon systems, the King Tiger has been included in a joint weaponry programme with the Zeus Heavy Panzermech. The programme has developed a turret capable of being fitted to either vehicle and that mounts a heavy rail gun.

In Konflikt’47

This is one serious Super Heavy bit of kit and demonstrates Germany’s technological supremacy. Capable of reducing even the heaviest armoured target to scrap at tremendous ranges you’ll want to field this 540pts (Regular) where lines of sight are likely to be more available and enemy armour is in great numbers!

Weapons: one turret mounted heavy rail gun with co-axial MMG and forward facing hull-mounted MMG.
Damage Value: 11+ (super heavy tank)

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The Konflikt Expands!

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For the Fatherland!

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