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Latest FAQ, Errata & New Rules: Konflikt ’47

FAQ /Errata last updated May 4th 2020

Latest FAQ, Errata & New Rules: Konflikt ’47
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We present the latest FAQ and errata for Konflikt ’47, updated May 04 2020. Additionally, this document includes new previously-experimental rules, that have now been playtested within the community to a stage that they are now ready for inclusion within the standard rules:

Suppressive Fire

Certain weapons, particularly machine guns, have a role on the battlefield beyond the simple shooting of enemy soldiers. Suppressive fire is intended to force an opponent down, or into cover, or to simply deny them the ability to operate. It involves a large volume of fire that is inherently less accurate than aimed shots, but forces the target to take cover, or places them under extreme pressure.

Walkers in Assault

Full rules are now provided for walker assaults and close-quarters combat, inclusive of assaults against enemy infantry and artillery as well as assaults against other vehicles.

Getting started with K47

Konflikt ’47 allows you to field your Bolt Action forces in a 1947 weird WWII setting.

As World War II continues beyond 1945, the battling countries have become even more desperate to develop new super weapons to give them a winning advantage. Exploiting new technologies revealed from the first nuclear explosions, the Axis and Allied forces quickly develop new tanks and strange armoured walkers to become the vanguard of their armies, supported by new highly equipped or terribly twisted troops. With the Soviet Union seceding from the Allies the war now becomes a three-way conflict!

The Starter Sets for each nation are a fantastic way of getting into the game, or to add units to an existing Bolt Action army to convert it to Konflikt’ 47 ready status!

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