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Konflikt ’47: Alternative Finnish Defense & Attack Forces

An alternative set of unofficial rules from Joseph Sharps for fielding the Finnish in the Weird War...

Konflikt ’47: Alternative Finnish Defense & Attack Forces
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Introduction by Chris Hale.

“I was recently sent a comprehensive document from a Konflikt ’47 enthusiast, Joe Sharp. He was keen for me to look at his work on re-documenting the Finnish nation and their role in the Konflikt ’47 universe, both as an ally of Germany and as country with its own agenda.

The work is thorough, read plausibly and captured my imagination, so pretty much covered everything needed in a set of game rules. Its only flaw is that it rewrites the current story of Finland (although arguably with a better story). I commend the article to all the Konflikt ’47 players out there, it offers some intriguing narrative battles and adds a depth to the Finns that will allow players to imagine they are manipulating the great nations with their small but deadly raiders and resolute resistance to the Soviet Union.

We can’t endorse these as ‘Official’ rules as they’ll add confusion to the published material, but we can say that we’d love you to try them out and let us know what you think……who knows, radioactive mines may become a thing!

Happy gaming.

Chris and the Clockwork Goblin Team”


Get Started with a Finnish Army

Revitalised by the SS forces, the Finns have returned with vengeance against their Soviet Union foes. Empowered by German ideology and technology, the Finns will now stop at nothing to crush their enemies. These bundles are convenient entry points into collecting a Finnish Konflikt army, with an array of troop types to try out including some of the more interesting Rift-Tech developments courtesy of their German allies.

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