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Collecting Konflikt ’47: Frostbite Alley

Frostbite Alley is a fantastically easy entry point into the weird war of Konflikt ’47, with winter-worn Soviets facing embittered Finnish guerillas…   The worst winter in recorded history has choked Scandinavia under heaps of ice and snow. As spring became summer, winter’s grasp on the Finnish forests slackened slightly, allowing Finnish, Soviet and German…

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Frontline Report: The Winter War

With winter closing in around us here in Nottingham, we’re casting our eyes eastward to the frozen forests of Finland and the bitter struggle of the Winter War 1939! In three short months, the Soviet army suffered over 300,000 casualties. This appalling statistic neatly illustrates the brutality of the Winter War and highlights the numerous…

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Finnish in Action: Demo Table Tali-Ihantala

Following on from an article on building the battlefield for the Portinhoikka-crossroads, Juha Nieminen from Mentor On Miniatures takes a look at his recent battle for Tali-Ihantala! Portinhoikka-crossroads I choose armies to collect and paint for many different reasons. There are some favourite themes, like the US Army and Marines. Another reason is, of course, the time…