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New: Waffen-SS, Finnish and Japanese Decals

Add authentic details and markings to your Bolt Action models with these new carefully researched waterslide decal sheets. The first new decal sheet has licence plates for a wide variety of vehicles in Waffen-SS service – from motorcycles to trucks and from field cars to armoured cars View in Store The next new decal sheet…


Webstore: Finnish Rifle Squad

The vast Soviet military machine that invaded Finland during the Winter War of 1939-1940 was stunned by the lightly armed but intensely motivated and skilled Finnish troops. The Soviets were outfought despite hugely superior weight of numbers. Although eventually seeking terms the Finns had delivered a harsh lesson to their rapacioius neighbours. When the Soviet…


Webstore: Finnish Paint Set

We at Warlord have put our heads together and sorted out the colours that we use to paint models, saving you the time looking through paint codes and giving you more time actually putting paint to model. Fantastic chaps that we are we’ve also knocked a