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Webstore: Finnish Build an Army

Build your army from the selections available to you in the drop down boxes, make sure you choose your free tank too. This army gives you all the models you need for getting started in Bolt Action with an army from Finland or alternatively will get you started with a new army at a fabulous…


Webstore: Finnish Army 105 H/33 howitzer

Faced with the vast forces of the Soviets, the courageous and resourceful Finnish soldiers, masters of fieldcraft, sniping, and small unit tactics, slowed and then began to roll back the massive Soviet assaults. Pack contains 1 metal gun and 4 metal foot figures. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


Webstore: Finnish Officer & Sniper team

The vast Soviet military machine that invaded Finland during the Winter War of 1939-1940 was stunned by the lightly armed but intensely motivated and skilled Finnish troops. The Soviets were outfought despite hugely superior weight of numbers. Although eventually seeking terms the Finns had delivered a harsh lesson to their rapacioius neighbours. When the Soviet…